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Dear 9th Judicial District Mediators:

The 9th Judicial Administrative District Superior Court Judges are temporarily approving the use of a videoconferencing platform to facilitate mediations.  You are required to use a secure internet connection (no public wi-fi) and safe and accessible videoconferencing software. The software should have no time restrictions on meetings, break-out rooms, screen sharing and security features such as administrator controls, password protection, encryption and authentication. Make sure your virus protection and firewall are up-to-date. Please remember:

1. Cases with allegations of domestic violence should still be screened prior to scheduling mediation.

2. Address who will be allowed to attend and be in the room with a party.

3. A method of document sharing such as Google docs, Dropbox, etc. Document execution capability such as DocuSign, printer/scanner, Adobe, etc. The mediation guidelines should be signed by all persons attending the mediation prior to commencing the mediation session.

4. For pro se party(s) please confirm identity by viewing a photo identification.

5. Confirm who is attending the session. If there are attendees who are not a party to the case, make a determination as to their role in the session and address and manage confidentiality issues.

6. If party(s) do not have technical capability or do not wish to mediate using a videoconferencing platform please contact our office as some judges are ordering they attend a virtual session.

7. Notify parties in advance of payment method(s).

Should you have any questions, please contact us at

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