The Ninth Judicial Administrative District of Georgia - 501 Candler Street, N.E.
Dear 9th Judicial District Mediators:

The following 9th Judicial Administrative District Superior Court Judges have notified us that they are temporarily approving the use of a videoconferencing platform to facilitate mediations until the current Judicial Emergency Order due to the Covid-19 pandemic expires which is October 10, 2020.  You will be required to use a secure internet connection (no public wi-fi) and safe and accessible videoconferencing software.  The software should have no time restrictions on meetings, break-out rooms, screen sharing and security features such as administrator controls, password protection, encryption and authentication.  Make sure your virus protection and firewall are up-to-date.  Please remember:

1.   Cases with allegations of domestic violence should still be screened prior to scheduling mediation.  
2.  Address who will be allowed to attend and be in the room with a party.
3.  A method of document sharing such as Google docs, Dropbox, etc.  Document execution capability such as DocuSign, printer/scanner, Adobe, etc.  The mediation guidelines should be signed by all persons attending the mediation prior to commencing the mediation session. 
4.  For each pro se party(s) please confirm identity by viewing a photo identification.
5.  Confirm who is attending the session.  If there are attendees who are not a party to the case, make a determination as to their role in the session and address and manage confidentiality issues.  
6.  If party(s) do not have technical capability or do not wish to mediate using a videoconferencing platform, the case will be scheduled for in-person mediation after the Covid-19 Pandemic Judicial Emergency Order has expired and normal business is resumed unless their assigned judge has ordered them to attend virtual mediation.
7.  Notify parties in advance of payment method(s).

Should you have any questions, please contact us at

Chief Judge Jeffrey Bagley, Bell-Forsyth Circuit
Judge Tony Baker, Blue Ridge Circuit
Judge Clint Bearden, Northeastern Circuit
Judge David Cannon, Blue Ridge Circuit
Judge Chan Caudell, Mountain Circuit
Judge David Dickinson, Bell-Forsyth Circuit
Judge Andrew Fuller, Northeastern Circuit
Chief Judge Raymond George, Enotah Circuit
Chief Judge Kathleen Gosselin, Northeastern Circuit
Chief Judge Ellen McElyea, Blue Ridge Circuit
Judge Bonnie Oliver, Northeastern Circuit
Judge Joy Parks, Enotah Circuit
Judge Mary Beth Priest, Appalachian Circuit
Judge Philip Smith, Bell-Forsyth Circuit
Judge Russell Smith, Mountain Circuit
Chief Judge Brenda Weaver, Appalachian Circuit
Judge John Worcester, Appalachian Circuit